It is with heavy hearts this Holiday season that we announce the passing of our Beloved Chaplain of the Norwood Park Fire Protection District.
Reverend Fred W. Tomzik, aged 59, passed away peacefully, surrounded by family and Loved ones. Our Father Fred was a devoted member of our department for over two decades, fulfilling the role of Chaplain since 1996. He was active and present at our events, blessing new vehicles, being available for the firefighters when they needed someone, and taking part in all our activities like the Open House and annual 9/11 ceremony.

Outside of the firehouse, he was well known to everyone in his Parrish. He remained active in both the Catholic committee on Scouting and the Girl Scouts Medal Committee, as well as being the founder of S&G Lighting. There is not enough room to list his many accomplishments, hobbies, and legacies here. Instead, we will devote ourselves to remembering him for who he was to us as a department, and individuals.

As we approach the Holidays, the Fire Department will stand Honor Guard with him one last time. Although we are sad that our Chaplain has responded to his final call with us, the Joy and Happiness he brought with him to the firehouse and our memories of him will only grow with time, and sustain us as we continue to respond to the calls for help we receive.

Thank You Father Fred, for your Love and Devotion.