You may have noticed in the past few weeks that Firefighters have been plying the streets of our local communities, walking back and forth between stopped cars at lights and holding high an old boot. “Fill The Boot!” and other slogans abound at these lights.

It’s not unusual to feel slightly invaded at these lights as we walk back and forth in our red vests, brochures hanging out…but Firefighters soliciting money?! What’s THAT all about?

For firefighters there are few charities as near and dear to our hearts as those that deal with burn prevention and recovery. In the last week, the Norwood Park Fire Protection District firefighters had an inter-shift competition to raise money for one of these charities, the Illinois Fire Safety Alliances annual Burn Camp.

Camp I Am Me is a camp for burn survivors that’s held every summer, funded in part by contributions donated to firefighters from people on the street Just Like You! This year, by raising money at intersections, the firefighters were able to raise $7,999.95 for sponsoring kids to attend camp. Take a look at the video below to see how giving just a little can make such a huge difference in a child’s life. We were proud to do our best to help these kids, and we thank all of you for reaching out to us with every amount, large and small, to help fill those boots and make summer a whole lot more fun for these kids! Thank you again, for more information check out the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance’s website at

Click here to watch the Camp “I Am Me” Illinois Fire Safety Alliance Burn Camp video.