On the last day of August of 2017, the Norwood Park Fire Protection District will watch as Deputy Chief Daniel Johnson serves his last day with us.


Although his sworn career began in 1991, he served as a contract Paramedic with the fire department for several years prior. On duty for some of the districts most memorable incidents, from the three flat explosion on Oak Park to the Maurice Lenell Cookie Factory Fire. Dan enhanced his certifications and education as well, attaining the rank of Lieutenant in 2002. In 2006 he accepted a position in the Fire Prevention Bureau, where he spearheaded fire and life safety codes for new construction as well as upgrades to older buildings.


His most lasting contribution to his fire department came after his promotion to Deputy Chief in 2015. With the 75th Anniversary of the Fire Department approaching, Deputy Chief Johnson took charge of a project to create a monument outside the front of the firehouse, with a part of the World Trade Center building from the 9/11 tragedy placed as a memorial for all to pay tribute to.

For over 26 years, he epitomized his Fire Department, gave back to his community, and volunteered outside of his job for the sake of local charities. As he steps outside the doors of this station for the final time, he begins a new chapter in his life and a new career path.

Congratulations, Deputy Chief. The coffee is always warm for a return visit, and Thank You for your service.