The Norwood Park Fire Protection District would like to take this month as one of sober reflection and memory for one of our dear departed. In November of last year the fire service lost our closest link to times gone by. Thomas M. Green, aged 91, was a volunteer firefighter with our Fire Protection District from the late 1940’s until our department went from volunteer to career service. He served his community faithfully as a firefighter, an employee for the school district and several other jobs, remaining in his first home on Eastwood street (when it was built, the only other visible house to the northwest was on Higgins street) until it was destroyed by an accidental fire in 2003.

Tom joined the Norwood Park fire service while it was in it’s infancy, working as a firefighter and an Engineer for the district. As a volunteer he was one of the builders of our second firehouse on Montrose Street as well as the rehab of Station #1.

Tom Green did not end his service to the District as a volunteer. He became a commissioner and served as one for over 25 years, shaping the District into the proud service it is today!

A veteran of World War II, Tom served in Europe with the Blue Devils. He connected proudly with the Army and his country, and was buried at his request in his uniform with a full military service. The firefighters and officers were proud to perform honor guard details for Tom, and his knowledge, humor, and passion will be missed as surely as it will never be forgotten.